Web Software Applications

Hudson Job Search

Recently we released a redesign of this web site. The first version of the site was created in 2009. I was a volunteer with the organization at the time and was chosen to write a scope of work document for Cleveland Give Camp. The idea was to build the website over a weekend with an empty skeleton for content articles to be added later. Unfortunately, HJS was not selected for the weekend volunteer work. Give Camp has become very success with lots of developers wanting to donate their time on the weekend, but this was an early year and there were no developers available to help us. Anyway, during the next year I volunteered to build the first version of the website. We had many authors contribute articles for content. If you Google some of the articles of the original site, you will find the Google Search Rank is at the top.

We added over 50 new articles for this phase two. The user interface is responsive, since many of our users have iPads and smart phones. The phase two project was funded and our web development capabilities improved, so our business was selected to do the redesign project. Please, take a look and let us know what you think. The second version will raise high in the Google Search Ranks as well, because the site has great content.

Product Safety CoC (Certificate of Conformance)

Governments, Toys R Us, and Walmart require toy manufacturers to test their products and certify that leaded paint, choking hazards, and other child safety concerns are addressed. A database was created to store the tests, and a user interface was created in C#.NET to associate tests with toy products. PDF documents are created to be the Certificate of Conformance. We used a Java/C#.Net library to generate the PDF documents. The library is open source, so there is no cost for each PDF generated on the website. The C#.Net program uploads these PDF certificates to the web site, so U.S. Customs Agents and other concerned people have real time access to the certificates.


Over 40 art partners in the area of Cleveland, Ohio, created programs to enhance the educational experience of school kids in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

We used LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) technologies as well as Java (servlets in J2EE) to create the site, and we hosted the site on our web server. We created all of the original HTML and CSS and made enhancements for several school years. Budgets were tight a couple years ago, and a volunteer artist created some new content in HTML. We integrated parts of his new pages into the system and ensured the style sheets and back end database continued to work.

This web application was a scheduling, calendar, and program catalog system. It was used for six school years from 2008 to 2014. Each art partner had a user account to log into the web site. They entered their own art class/performance descriptions and categorized each program with both curricular and art themes. When a program was provided to a school, an event was created in the calendar/scheduling system. Each partner updated their own contact information, biography, and images. Today you will see the same features in Google For Business. We were ahead of our time.

The system generated PDF documents from the database. The PDF program sheet was for the teacher to use in lesson planning. A complete book was generated automatically each school year from the program sheets and some curriculum pages from Young Audiences (name changed to Center for Art Inspired Learning.) A table of contents was generated automatically and packaged into a PDF for anyone to download from the web site. The PDF was sent to a printer at the beginning of each school year for those who wanted a hard copy catalog.

The program and site administrator was Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio, which is our client. We built an admin page, so they could edit the feature story on the home web page. Also, the YA admin could review the partner programs, and edit or publish them for display to anyone on the web site.


My client purchased Silcox Dental Supply, a 30 year old business located in West Salem, Ohio, from a gentleman who retired. She moved the inventory and business to Canfield, Ohio. Both cities are in Northeast Ohio, and a team of sales people service customers in these areas. Silcox Dental Supply wanted to reach customers anywhere in the United States.

We created an e-commerce web site, so Silcox Dental Supply can display their product and manufacturers represented as well as take orders from customers. An open source software framework was used as a foundation for the web site. This provided 10,000+ lines of software code, which is tested and proven by a large community of users. This technology allowed us to start with a solid foundation and then make modifications to the source code and modify features to meet the specific needs of Silcox Dental Supply. As a result, many features were provided at a very affordable price.

PeachTree accounting software is used by Silcox Dental for both financial and inventory control. Integration to the web site was provided by us. An administration system allows Silcox Dental to make modifications to the web site without requiring us to make software changes. A database back end supports the web site. Product part numbers, images, descriptions, and price changes can be uploaded from the inventory/accounting system by an administrator. Shipping, tax, and other charges can be changed through the administration web pages. Customers can create their own user accounts and view frequently purchased products. Their orders can be administered, and Silcox Dental can view order status reviewed, fill orders, and ship via the web application.