Databases and Business Intelligence

Our first customer was a U.S. military veteran, who was beginning a phase 2 redesign of his product. We designed a database and a new software product for him. His product was a vision system for inspecting the undercarriage of vehicles crossing check points. We helped him commercialize his product for use at security gates of chemical companies and other places with perimeter security. He sold his company along with the intellectual property, part of which we created for him.

The database stored driver and vehicle identification along with images of driver, driver license, vehicle license plate, and a video of the truck and trailer undercarriage as it passed through the checkpoint or gate. The current and previous entrance videos were compared by the security guard, while using digital recorder capabilities to look for bombs and other foreign objects. A camera captured license plate images and OCR (optical character recognition) software converted the image on the plate to a license plate number for the database. The driver’s license was put through a scanner as well. We wrote the driver software to integrate all of these devices. Our user interface software related these database elements, so the security guard could decide if this was a normal delivery by the normal driver, or if it was a security exception.

Our latest database project was for BI (business intelligence) of sales information and analytics. The sales, forecast, and inventory data is in Oracle EBS (E-business Suite R12). This is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. We use OBIEE (Oracle BI Enterprise Edition) to take the sales and financial information and present it exactly as the Executive Director of Sales wants to view the information and present it to his sales directors and buyers at major retailers. Dashboards were created in the OBIEE tool for quick analysis. Also, the data can be filtered and downloaded into spreadsheets. The Excel spreadsheets are for distribution for internal sales communication as well as providing the base of a detailed analysis for specific customer situations and semi-annual contract negotiations.

We provided the ETL to make this system work. It moves and maps the data from the ERP system into the BI system in real time (i.e. Real Time Software Solutions). ETL is a generic BI industry term for extract, transform, and load. MapReduce is another term that you may know. While not exactly the same thing, both terms describe the process of gathering data from a variety of database formats and then translating or remapping the data into a new and meaningful presentation of the data.

Our capability is unique. We combine the skills usually available in large and expensive delivery teams. These skills are boiled down into efficient project deliver capabilities, which can provide great value to you. We talk everyday business language with executives and business directors. We implement complicated computer science, such as this SQL. Data is stored in many different ways, but the computer science has a few elements that we know well. We have experience with database technologies used for storing the majority of data.