We Develop Database Applications

Build. Integrate. Modify.

Computer Science Is Our Joy

We help small and medium sized companies select the best database and software applications to fit their business needs. Many times we inherit support of a database application as modifications and maintenance is required of the existing system, in order to meet changing business requirements.

We won’t reinvent the wheel. We take a modular and integrated approach to a company’s information system needs. Commercially available software applications and databases are available to fit many business needs. We will configure these systems to your company’s requirements. We will add integration between these systems as needed and to fill gaps with specific functionality and reporting.

Business Intelligence, Databases

Key performance data is gathered in real time and presented your way. We'll use your existing database or design something to fit your needs.


SQL Code Examples

Financials, Inventory, Order Management

Companies spend millions of $$$ for ERP and CRM systems. This excessive spending is not necessary to provide value to medium sized companies. We have this experience and can design new integration with your existing business systems. Let’s focus on features providing the most value to your business. We execute successfully.


Web Software

Notice this site is responsive. The layout adjusts automatically, no matter the size of your display device (i.e. smart phone, iPad, Laptop, or Desktop).

Integrate with your business operations. We can use the design from your current investment, or we can provide a new design and features.


Independent Solution Provider

Rather than representing a few software products, we stay independent. This allows us to choose the best application and database fit for your solution.

Software integration may include Java, C#.Net, and SQL Stored Procedures. Databases include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Financial integration ranges from QuickBooks and Peachtree to Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP Business One. Import and export with Excel is common. Other integrations via CSV, XML, and web services are provided for most financial integration and work flow projects.

Web Sites are built on a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). We may use Drupal WCM (Web Content Management System), if content is maintained by multiple authors in your organization. A secure shopping cart framework can be implemented for e-commerce. Bootstrap provides a quick and easy way to style your web site, so it is responsive and will display on multiple sized devices (smart phone, iPad, laptop, and desktop), while providing a new look and feel.